Willie Trout is the 15th episode in the Nightmare Ned TV sieres.

It is a parody of Pinocchio




Mrs. Needlemeyer


Caption Dad

Willie Trout



Mr Worm

Blue Fariy


Ned's Dad, Ed, trys to take Ned fishing in Lake Pee Pee No No, home of Willie Trout where the Needlemeyer come to find and catch him, but they never have before. Ned want's to read but his dad won't allow it, despite Ned hating fishing. He falls asleep and dreams he's abourd a large ship sailed by Caption Dad. Caption Dad orders Ned to put Mr Worm on a hook and fish for a monstrous fish known as Wille Trout who ate Caption Dad's head. Ned refused and sarafised himself and calls for Willie. Willie eats Ned and he lands in Willie's stomacth. He is then reeled up by a fishing pole that is held by Gepetto and at first asums that he is a Talking fish and the thinks that he is Piccicho.  Ned asks where Catpion Dad's head is and its turns out that it is in the bottom of the fish's belly where Figaro keeps it in his secret safe. Figaro says you'll never get me to open it! Ned asks politely for him to open the safe and Figaro agrees. Mr. Worm appears safely on a hook and saves ned and crew and he returns with the Caption's head and then they all throw a party on the boat. The Blue Fariy comes and insted of turning Ned into a real boy, he is turned into a wooden puppet and screams. Then Ned wakes up, discovering something on his line and it's Willie Trout. Soon as Ned catchs him, Ed turns and asks for the camrea. But Ned sees the fish gasping. Feeling bad for him, throws Willie Trout back in the lake. Ed is very angry and Ned replys Well know the legond will live on for genertions. Ed replys Well know we can come here every weekend for the rest of our lives! and then Ned smacks himself on the head.