Wild, Weird and Wonderful are a trio of strange growling, stuffed animals who live in a jail cell in the Attic. They are seemingly stitched together from parts of other animals. The "Ladder Switch" must be hit for them to come out. They all take two hits to collapse (KO). Once they are all KO-ed the ladder comes down and Ned can move on to the dark woods-like area. (If Ned goes back, they will be gone).


Wild is a tall strange stuffed animal with antlers, a long duck bill, hooves, and a striped patch down his back. Wild attacks Ned by biting Ned's head off.


Weird is a short creature with two heads, one like a wolf and one like a pig. It also has four webbed feet and a striped fat body. It slashes its webbed claws to attack Ned.


Wonderful has a fish head with bat wings and a demon tail. Wonderful sits on a stand and swoops down and bites the top of Ned's head off.

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