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Tooth or Consequences is the 12th episode in the Nightmare Ned TV series.



While brushing his teeth, Ned discovers that his last baby tooth has finally come out. He is disappointed to find out from his parents that this is his last baby tooth and the tooth fairy will come and get it. Ned decides to not put it under his bed in order to save his tooth. Later in a nightmare, Ned is visited by the Tooth Fairy, who asks Ned for his tooth. When Ned refuse to give up his tooth, The Tooth Fairy decide to take Ned to Magical toothland, where she plan take all of his adult teeth. when he refuse to give her his baby teeth.


  • As of this episode, Ned no longer has his baby teeth.
  • The Tooth Fairy is a color pallet swap of the Fairy God mother Gingivitis from the Video Game.