Quilt Nightmare Ned
The Quilt is a huge, gloomy version of Ned's bed where Ned first begins. This is where he is able to choose which of the five Nightmares to start with. Clock-wise, the Graveyard, the Medical Nightmare, Alcatraz Elementary, Attic, Basement and Beyond, and the Bathroom. Ned can choose to go back to the Quilt, but he'll lose an hour if he does. After all the Shadows are revealed at the end of the game, Ned goes back to the quilt to see (from left to right) Ned's grandfather, SallyNed's Toilet, Dr. Klutzchnik and Billy Blatfield. The same pair of monster hands that pulled Ned into the Nightmare World from the intro grabs Ned and drops him, but is caught with the help of the shadows' true forms by making a human tower for Ned to stand upon and defeat the monster, who is a monstrous version of Ned, by hitting it with Ned's yo-yo. After the monster becomes a giant version of Ned, he keeps attacking to rip the quilt and fall back into bed, ending the game.
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