Show Me the Infidel
Show Me the Infidel is the 13th episode in the Nightmare Ned TV series.



While at Eddieland with his family, Ned determine to finally ride the House of Horror since he's finally big enough to ride. During the long wait in line, Ned has a nightmare where he is on the ride with a man who said he ride it 800 time (even admitting he was afraid during the first 799 times) at first the ride isn't that scary do the fact he's always had scary nightmares but when Ned said he want to see something scary, the man is revealed to be a demon jester, who put Ned in trial for calling the ride cheesy but when Ned revealed that he wasn't actually tall enough to be on the ride but instead put newspaper in his shoes, the Demon Jester offered Ned a deal; two doors; one lead home but the other leads to a horrible place and Ned must chose carefully.

List of rhymes chantsEdit

During Ned's walk to the doors, a lot of obstacles are shown as it showed certain group of people are rhyme chanting to make Ned forget the chant he was told:

  • Red Jester Demon: The gate to your fate is in the skylight in the twilight.
  • Blue Jester Demon: The Doorway from Norway holds the room to your doom.
  • Kids jump roping: Mary Scary, had a canary, She called him Larry, his back was hairy.
  • Cooking Lady: Betty baked a bitter batter with beated butter, but better beated butter, make betty's bitter batter better.
  • Cheerleader: Hit them high, Hit them low, Hit them where the daisy's grow. Rick 'em Rack 'em, Rough 'em, get the ball and really fight them.
  • Cowboy: Well, fox in the hen house, chicken in the straw, swing your partner shave your ma. Hog my joust, Dog my cat, Papa needs a Bikini wax, Yeehaw!