The School Shadow as it appears on the video game's intro cutscene

The School Shadow is one of the five Shadow creatures Ned encounters in the Nightmare Ned video game. It controls the Alcatraz Elementary School.

In the game's intro cutscene, he is very large and has a hump, but when he appears in The Quilt, he is slightly shorter and fatter. As Ned progresses through the Alcatraz Elementary School, the School Shadow gradually becomes Billy Blatfield, one of Ned's classmates that only wanted to be friends with Ned, but bullies him since he is ashamed of telling it to him.

The School Shadow is voiced by comedian Jeff Cesario and Jim Cummings in the demo version.


Due to his somewhat childish way of talking to Ned, the School Shadow can best be described as, both figuratively and literally, a bully. His challenges within the Alcatraz Elementary Nightmare have more to do with humiliating Ned than killing or torturing him. In this sense, he can be viewed as one of the nicer shadows, but definitely not a nice person in general. It is also heavily implied that the School Shadow isn't very bright compared to his cohorts, as his comments toward Ned, such as the one about "Melonhead Day", are prone to making the School Shadow look and sound dumber than he actually is.

Trivia Edit

Despite his rather simple-minded personality, his level is arguably the largest and least linear.


  • Hey, Ned! I'm gonna teach you a lesson.
  • (Demo version) I'm gonna teach you a lesson!
  • Triple dare ya to come over here!
  • I dare you to enter this Nightmare!
  • Good afternoon, students. This is your new principal speaking, today is "Make Fun of Ned Day", also known as "Melonhead Day"! HAHAHAHAHA!
  • Are those glasses on your head... or did someone lose their hula-hoops?! HAHAHAHAHA!
  • Melonhead, I have a special delivery for you!
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