Ned as he appears on the video game

Ned Needlemeyer is the main character of both the Nightmare Ned video game and TV show. He is a bald-headed, glasses-wearing 10-year-old boy who has a hyperactive imagination, using it to deal with his fears, troubles and anxieties through dark and quirky nightmares. He lives with Cynthia Needlemeyer, his mother, his father and baby sister. He has also a grandfather named Ted Needlemeyer, but he has only appeared in the video game, and not the show.

In the game, he acts young for his age, panicking after he trips on the phone cord in the intro, shivering under the covers during the storm and running after mom when she leaves his room in the "Bad" ending.

In the show, he acts like his age, if not more. Being sarcastic, laid back and a bit braver than in the video game. He still acts kiddish and freaks out over the smallest things like eating dog food by accident, losing a baby tooth, being in the school play, and other minor issues. Ned's catchphrase is "I gotta get out of here!" When he is in danger in his nightmare.                    

He is voiced by Courtland Mead in both the video game and the TV series.


  • In an article describing the show, Ned is described being 8 years old. However, the video game describes Ned being 10 years old.
    • This could mean that the show is a prequel to the video game, or it could just be an error.
  • One of Ned's favorite foods is Canadian bacon.
  • As shown in the T.V show and concept art, Ned has a good relationship with animals.
  • Ned was supposed to be younger in the original draft of the game.
  • His first name is short for "Nedariah".


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