The Medical Shadow as it appears on The Quilt

The Medical Shadow is one of the five Shadow creatures Ned encounters in the Nightmare Ned video game. She controls the Medical Nightmare.

The Medical Shadow is the second-only female Shadow, the other being the Attic, Basement and Beyond Shadow. She has only one eye, and has syringes and medical paraphernalia sprouting out from her body and fingers. As Ned progresses through the Medical Nightmare, she gradually becomes Ned's doctor (or dentist) Dr. Klutzchnik.

The Medical Shadow is voiced by Alexandra Wentworth.


The Medical Shadow is arguably one of the more sadomasochistic enemies Ned has encountered in his nightmares. For example, the Medical Shadow suggests that she and the other shadows should conduct painful procedures on each other, implying that she enjoys getting hurt (and also hurting others), and she also has a sadistic sense of humor, as shown by having one half of her nightmare involving Ned losing several of his organs, and then playing a game just to get them back. She only seems to care about her experiments, and is more than willing to experiment on her own companions, which may indicate a lack of loyalty towards them. She also doesn't seem to care which of her fellow shadows are in the way of her current objective. This is shown in the opening, in which she gets the Graveyard Shadow, who is implied to be her boss, away from Ned so that she can contend with Ned herself.


  • Don't worry... this won't hurt a bit!
  • Ned, I'll make you sick with fear.
  • Don't worry, I only need a gallon of blood.
  • Ned, we need to biopse... your head!
  • I have a prescription... for terror!
  • Good news, I only need one of your fingers taken back to the labs for testing.
  • I'm going to rip off one of your fingers, put it in a jar and keep it as a souvenir!
  • We could perform hideous, painful medical procedures on each other!


  • In the demo version of the game, the Medical Shadow was male.  The shadow's sole line in the intro was said by Jim Cummings.
  • She only has one eye, most likely to represent a doctor's head mirror.
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