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The Mausoleum from the outside.

The Mausoleum acts as a bedroom in which a young (possibly undead) girl lives. It is only accessible by Ned becoming a zombie by eating the girl scout cookies and being hugged by the Zombie Dad. When Ned arrives, the girl is on the floor terrified because a large bat has stolen her nightlight and she's afraid of the dark. There is a demonized piñata that hangs from her ceiling, and the bat is hanging to the left of it. In order to retrieve it, Ned must hit the pinata so that it will hit the bat, making it release the nightlight. In order to accomplish this task, Ned must close the music box in order to jump on top of the stone structure in the room. There is another stone to the right that Ned must jump onto so that when he hits the piñata, it will swing and hit the bat. If Ned hits the piñata while standing on the first stone, the piñata will just cough and not swing. After the girl gets her nightlight back, the bat will then fly away opening the door so Ned can leave, while the girl then happily plays with her doll.
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The Mausoleum from the inside.

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