The Dragon is a friendly character from the Attic, Basement, and Beyond Nightmare. She's wearing reading glasses, with her head sticking out of the wall and her body resting under the staircase.

Usually, she's asleep, but if Ned hits her with his yo-yo, she will tell him one of three scary stories.

The Dragon is voiced by Edie McClurg.

The Girl with a zit the size of Puerto RicoEdit

A friend of a friend took a trip to Acapulco
On the second day, she awoke with a zit the size of Puerto Rico
But a zit it was not, for it would not pop
She pinched, and she picked, and she pulled out the stops
But it grew and ballooned, and it started to move
And then all of a sudden a burst filled the room
She ran to the mirror to sneak a peek
And screamed at the sight as baby spiders emerged from her cheek.

This story's based on The Red Spot from Alvin Schwartz's More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

Emily Grave's puppyEdit

My next-door neighbour Emily Grave
Gave her poodle a bath on too cold a day
The poor dog shivered, shook and cried out
But there wasn't a doggy hairdryer about
Then all of a sudden Miss Grave lit up:
The microwave she thought would dry up the pup
So she placed wet Henry on a carousel tray
And smiled as it rotated in an auto show way
He yapped, and he barked, and then he blew up
Miss Grave learned a lesson: never microwave your pup.

Marvin the SharkEdit

A friend was parked in a car
On a date in the dark
Her boyfriend told the story of the escaped convict Marvin the Shark
Marvin, it seemed, had only one hand
The other a hook caped with blood and a small sticker that read, "Made in Japan"
A scratch at the door caused the couple to flee
Down the curby road to the Town of Friendly
And into the garage, and what do they see
But a bloody, rusty hook, stuck to the door handle as plain as could be
A gasp and a sigh at the terrible sight
Barely escaping the things that go scratch in the night.

This story's based on The Hook from Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

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