Doctor Shot is a mad dentist who appears in The Mouth. He appears every time the mouth closes down on Ned and jabs him with the syringes he wears strapped to his gloves. Ned's Yo-yo can't hurt him. However, if you go to the Fairy Godmother Gingivitis and get the toxic breath attack, then you can kill him. When you have the upgrade and he appears, press down on the spacebar to let Ned breathe green breath on Doctor Shot, melting him. His lab coat is white when he first appears, but if Ned gets injured by the closing mouth, Doctor Shot will return, but having a part of his coat the same pattern of the Quilt, first the bottom part, then the top and finally the sleeves. When his coat becomes entirely like the quilt, you lose an hour. At the end of the mouth, he will jump and fall on a bed of syringes.

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