Conrad and vernon

Conrad & Vernon are two characters who both appeared in the video game and the show. They seem to bully Ned very often, due to his short size, bald head, glasses, and for being an easy target for pranks.

They both appeared in the game, but as background characters. They are seen in the bathroom cutscene at the Alcatraz Elementary School, stomping Ned down as they shove by. We find out a short time later that they had clogged the toilets in the bathroom with paper towels, which Ned got in trouble for, as Conrad and Vernon had just fled the scene and Ned was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

In the cartoon, they are recurring antagonists, constantly picking on Ned and pulling pranks in his nightmares. Vernon is voiced by Rob Paulsen and Conrad is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

They are named after Conrad Vernon, who served as one of the show's storyboard artists and who would later work in many films by DreamWorks, such as Shrek, Monsters vs. Aliens and Penguins of Madagascar, among others.


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