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The Chalk Board Room is a level located at Alcatraz Elementary. It is a strange chalk-drawn world where there are no right or wrong answers. Ned must reach the other door to beat the level and reveal a piece of a shadow. It is filled with math equations and pictures. Word Animals and Bee Drawings lurk around different corners. Ned must hit a math diagram to make it look like his head. A door will then appear and a stick figure will grab him, sending Ned back to the school.

There is a glitch which allows the player to finish this level much quicker--play the level normally until Ned gets to a ladder allowing him to jump up on a rope leading to a beehive labeled HIVE on the right (with a lightbulb floating underneath). You will notice the end of the level is to the left of this area, however a wall is blocking access to it, normally forcing the player to proceed to the right. Climb the ladder and jump to grab the rope, but instead of moving right, move as far left as possible. Jump down from the rope and Ned can walk left through what is normally a wall straight to the finish.