Billy Blatfield is a student at Ned's school. He's a bully who just wants to befriend Ned but is afraid to admit it. He is the true identity of the School Shadow.

Billy wears a blue cap, a blue shirt with green shorts, grey sneakers, and wears a blue backpack. He has short hair and an overbite. Under one arm, he is carrying an orange ball.


  • Ned: Billy Blatfield?
  • Billy: Hi, Ned. Surprised?
  • Ned: What are you doing here?
  • Billy: Well, you know, I was gonna... uh... I always wanted to hang out with you, but I'm scared everyone would think I wasn't as tough as everyone thinks I am.
  • Ned: I'd hang out with you, Billy, but you have to stop calling me "melon head"!
  • Billy: That's fair.
  • Ned: See ya later, Billy.
  • Billy: Yep. Thanks, Ned.