The Bathroom Shadow is one of the five shadows, it has a large mouth and one eye. He appears to be the hungriest of the shadows. He reigns supreme over the Bathroom Nightmare.

The Bathroom Ghost is actually Ned's Toilet who, when turns back to its regular form, poetically tries to warn Ned of his future and tells him to quit flushing banana peels.


Unlike the other shadows, the Bathroom Shadow seems to lack some of the same personality traits as his brethren. For instance, many of the things that the Bathroom Shadow does is mainly out of his own playfulness and animal instincts. His hunger seems to be the main driving force behind his actions, constantly craving more food for him to eat, particularly Ned. However, the way he goes about doing what he does, along with his manner of speaking, indicates that he doesn't take his own actions or Ned very seriously, despite being quite dangerous. It should be noted that he gets angry that they couldn't toy with Ned some more during one of the endings, indicating that he has a short temper.


  • Due to the fact that the Bathroom Shadow really was Ned's toilet, and combined with the rather silly nature of this shadow compared to the rest of them, many people regard the Bathroom Shadow as the comic relief of the group. This is especially because of the conversation he and Ned have after his identity is revealed.
  • The quote, "FEED ME, Ned!" is a refrence to Audrey II from the film, "Little Shop of Horrors."
  • He's the only shadow with a non-human true form.


  • I have a hakerin'... for a Ned sandwich.
  • I will flush you with fear!
  • Let me flush you into MY nightmare!
  • Take a seat, Ned. I promise not to bite... too hard!
  • FEED ME, Ned!
  • Come closer...closer... CLOSER!... and smell my lovely spring time freeshness.
  • I am King Porcelain of the Bathroom Kingdom, and i intend to flush you... into an oblivion!
  • Ned, don't worry about flushing, I'LL do that for you.
  • (demo version) Come on down!
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