The Bathroom is Ned's lavatory themed, rat-infested Nightmare which is controlled by the Bathroom Shadow. The entryways are marked by a toilet icon. On the right, there is an area of swaying bathtubs--and monster tails on occasion--which Ned must leap across while avoiding Organ Beaver throwing Rats. (Once he walks into the area, the Rats will start singing the Rat Tango). If he falls between the tubs, he will yell and a splash then a monster roar are heard. He will then return to the nearest solid ground. The first ladder will take him to Alcatraz Elementary School and the next will take him up to a room with three large mirrors that will have a hairy, tall, and acned versions of Ned reflected that will sing the Puberty Song. On the other side of the bathtub area, there is an outhouse that will be an exit to the Attic, Basement and Beyond. Next, there is a large pipe that leads to the Clogging Trio. Beginning from the left, there is a fan which the Fan Rats fall down from. Turn off the fan, hit the Rats so they can stack up and Ned can climb the them like a ladder to a secret area. Here there are three toilets, both on the left and right will take Ned to a cut scene (where he is a moving cardboard target and a duck is trying to shoot him with a plunger gun). While the one in the middle will take him to the Graveyard Nightmare.

Shadow piece locationsEdit

  • Jump across the bathtubs
  • Turn off the razors
  • Jump into a toilet in the secret area
  • Get past the clogging trio
  • Visit the mirror room


  • In the footage from the demo sampler, Ned had to hop from the edges of the bath-tubs rather than hop from within the tub.
  • Playing the game on a newer model of a computer will cause the fan rats to fall down extremely fast, making it very challenging for Ned to hit them. In order to solve this problem, have Ned stand in one spot so his yo-yo can hit the rats and hold the spacebar down with a small weight (like a paperweight) so Ned can continuously attack. After a few minutes, he will have hit 13 rats for Ned to climb upon.
  • There is an easter egg that if you press the number buttons on your keyboard, (1-9) Ned will teleport to different areas of the Bathroom, except for 6, which will take you to the Alcatraz Elementary Nightmare.