Amy Needlemeyer as seen in the episode 'Show me the Infidel'

Amy Needlemeyer is Ned Needlemeyer's baby sister, and the youngest member of the Needlemeyer family. She is featured occasionally in the show and is mentioned in the video game. A drawing of her, possibly done by Ned, can be seen taped to the refrigerator in the Needlemeyer home in the opening cut scene of the video game; the drawing comes to life and playfully places a lollipop on Ned's head.

Amy wears a reddish/pink play suit and has a single black curl on her forehead and big black eyes. She cannot speak, apart from high pitched squeaks and giggles, so it is clear that she is very young.

She is featured in many episodes being carried by her mother and is with her throughout the entire video game, showing that their bond is strong. There is no evidence to support that Amy sees Ned’s Nightmares or the shadows inside his house, like the other members of the family, she is completely oblivious.

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